Out Door Bar Ideas

Outdoor bar sets are worthy to be a part of your outdoor decor, being both attractive and functional. They make a great place to enjoy a drink as the sun sets

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Patio Bar Ideas

Great Outdoor Bar Ideas

If you are looking for great outdoor bar ideas you have come to the right place and your timing couldn’t be better. With higher gas prices and an uncertain economy more and more folks are skipping expensive vacations and fixing up their decks and patios. Outdoor Bar Sets Enhance Patio Living Outdoor bar sets are…

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Caring For Your Outdoor Wood Furniture Keeps It Looking Attractive

Caring For Outdoor Wood Furniture

Caring for outdoor wood furniture takes a bit of time but the results are well worth it. You should give your patio furniture a bit of attention at the beginning of each year rather than wait until it starts looking ragged. If your furniture is already there don’t worry. Most outdoor furniture can be restored…

How To Care For Shorea Wood Outdoor Furniture

How To Care For Shorea Wood Outdoor Furniture

Shorea Wood Outdoor Furniture is very similar to teak and possesses the same qualities. Actually shorea wood is even harder and tighter grained than teak. Shorea wood has a lower price simply because there is a ready supply of this magnificent wood, not because it is inferior to teak in any way. Because shorea wood…

Use Outdoor Bar Accessories For A Personal Touch

Use Outdoor Bar Accessories For A Personal Touch

Here’s a few outdoor bar ideas if you are planning a patio bar, or if you already have one here’s some outdoor bar accessories you may want to consider adding. If you are a serious beer drinker there are outdoor kegeraters and refrigerators available to add to your bar. Having a bar sink is another…