Caring For Outdoor Wood Furniture

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  • Date: December 24, 2021
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Caring For Your Outdoor Wood Furniture Keeps It Looking AttractiveCaring for outdoor wood furniture takes a bit of time but the results are well worth it. You should give your patio furniture a bit of attention at the beginning of each year rather than wait until it starts looking ragged. If your furniture is already there don’t worry. Most outdoor furniture can be restored to good shape.

If you have an outdoor bar set you will want to keep it looking nice. The simplest thing is to give it a good cleaning with soap and water each spring. If it has grayed and you want a more natural wood color in many cases a light sanding will do the trick to bring back its original color. Here is some more information to help you bring your old furniture back to life.


Outdoor wood furniture needs proper care

“By Tim Carter/Ask the Builder Q. My outdoor wood furniture has weathered to a mottled gray, and there is mildew covering it. My wife has informed me that I must make it look like new. If I do a good enough job, I’ve been told I can then refinish the …”


Your outdoor furniture will last many years with a bit of care each year. Remember that gray wood is just part of the natural weathering process, but if you find it unattractive you can seal and give it a clear coat or stain it.  Don’t forget covering your furniture can add years to its life too. Here’s a video with some instructions for maintaining your outdoor wood furniture.

Revive Your Outdoor Wood Furniture

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