Margaritaville Outdoor Tiki Bar

Weekend is coming and everyone is headed off to Margaritaville, their Margaritaville Outdoor Tiki Bar that is! With patio bar furniture like the Margarita Tiki Bar you can experience tropical decor on your patio or deck without flying to Hawaii.

This bamboo tiki bar comes loaded with accessories to add just the right touch to your new tiki bar, saving you over $100. Sit back while sipping a Margarita, or mix up a batch for your guests. Tiki bars are perfect for outdoor parties and get togethers, providing a warm, inviting and festive mood. The Margarita Outdoor Tiki Bar is authentic and comes to you straight from Hawaii where it is hand crafted from only high quality bamboo & hardwoods. It even has a hand crafted thatch roof. Both beautiful and sturdy, your outdoor tiki bar is made to withstand the weather. But you can also set it up indoors and create instant tropical decor in any room with a standard 8 foot ceiling.

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