Move Over Teak Patio Furniture Here Comes Shorea Wood Outdoor Furniture

Shorea Wood Outdoor FurnitureWhen it comes to wood patio furniture, teak wood has long been the gold standard by which all outdoor woods are judged, but now shorea wood outdoor furniture is about to turn the teak patio furniture proverbial apple cart over. The reason is simple teak is relatively rare and expensive. But shorea wood is readily available.

Shorea Wood Outdoor Furniture is an eco-friendly choice because it is raised on managed and sustainable plantations. Shorea wood is very similar to teak and possesses the same qualities. Actually shorea wood is even harder and tighter grained than teak. Shorea wood furniture’s lower price is because there is a ready supply of this magnificent wood, not because it is inferior to teak in any way.

Shorea Wood Outdoor FurnitureShorea matches teak in rot and decay resistance and is actually stronger and denser. How does it compare in looks? Well if you have ever admired Philippine Mahogany furniture you may be surprised to find it’s not mahogany at all but shorea.

Shorea wood outdoor furniture can match teak in beauty and elegance and durability. So now it is possible to have beautiful wood outdoor furniture that has the same qualities teak furniture does, but at about half the price. So if you are looking for outdoor bar ideas, it would be worth looking at shorea wood outdoor furniture when choosing a patio bar. Because of its strength and decay resistance you will have an outdoor bar that will last for many years and requires virtually no maintenance.

Shorea Wood Outdoor Furniture – Bali Hai Outdoor Bar

Shorea Wood Outdoor Furniture – Bali Hai Outdoor Bar Shorea Wood Outdoor Furniture – Bali Hai Outdoor Bar